Thursday, April 7, 2011

E is for... Early Morning Hours

E is for... early morning hours...  They come, they go. They are my life line. I find my best moments of routine, in the early morning hours each and every day. I rise at or before 6:00 a.m. in an effort to have some time when the house is absolutely quiet. This is my most productive time for writing, my most fulfilling time of the day. It is the time when I do not have to think about anyone else but myself, therefore it is my most selfish time of the day. The time of day when I can read and write and be uninterrupted. It is the most peaceful and calm time that I have.

Sometimes it brings ideas of grace and mercy, and sometimes of difficulties past and present.  Sometimes it is solely a prayerful time, and sometimes a time to catch up with emails and my friends on Facebook.

The early morning hours are the best for me. I am the most open minded and the most adventuresome for the sake of the rest of the day. It is the time of day when I am still willing to make that long to-do list with hopeful anticipation that I can actually achieve most of it, if not all. It is the time of day when I can write my prayers clearly, remembering to be thankful and to think of others and their needs before my own. It is the time of day when my mind is not cluttered with thoughts of candy bars and cookies which I am trying desperately not to eat right now. It is the time of day when the phone does not ring, and I am left to my own thoughts and plans.

Early morning hours are my time of day. My best time of day.  How about you?

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  1. Absolutely~!! Morning person! Our alarm goes off at 5am and we hop up..(sometimes)..and have coffee, check the weather, get Jer off to work, and then I can zero in on the backyard chatter of feathered friends...I try to see as many FB friends as I can..catch the blogs, post a blog post and then off to volunteer...Yep, morning has it "hands down"..
    Will read a "F" if you choose to post...