Tuesday, April 5, 2011

D is for Daughters and Dogs

I love my family.  Each one of them has something special that they contribute to our group. 

Ain't he just the cutest thing?

I have two daughters and one daughter in law.

My eldest daughter is married to a police officer who is a master dog handler. She is the office manager at a body repair shop and knows more about cars and trucks than I ever envisioned she would. And if you have a problem with your insurance, she's the go-to gal who can tell you what you should do. They have a wonderful child, a boy who steals my heart every time I see him. Along with two police dogs, they have two labs that they love.

My second child is also a daughter. She is married to a DHEC (Dept of Housing and Environmental Control) law enforcement officer, also very good at what he does.  She has earned her master's degree in nursing and is now a Nurse Practitioner in a doctor's office. They have two beagles who keep them company.

My third child is my son, who is a computer expert extra-ordinaire. He works for a company who tracks evidence for the justice department. He is married to my perfect daughter-in-law. She is sweet and loves my son and that's all that counts. She is a nurse working part time, while she earns her master's degree in nursing. They have the cutest spaniel puppy who persists in chewing on just about everything.

So between my daughters, son, and in-laws, and their pooches, we have a full and happy family.


  1. Great pictures, Lynn. Enjoyed seeing the family.

  2. Your 1st sentence says it all~!!Your family is quite a handsome/beautiful crew~! The pooches are adorable and probably pampered?..(smile)...I loved your post and your pride in such a great family~!

    See you for E....


  3. Loved getting to know your family!!! Thanks for stopping in on my blog. You've gained a new follower, too!! ;-)