Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Alphabet Catch-Up!

Back in April, I thought I could keep up with the A to Z blogging challenge, writing something that went with each letter of the alphabet on each consecutive day throughout the month.  Well, as you can tell, I fell behind.  WAY behind!  So, I am going to do a little catching up now.  So here goes...

G is for Grayson and Gram. They make such a sweet pair. Grayson loves his Great-Grandmother. They love to sit and watch tv together. Gray knows exactly which book is Gran-Gran's favorite and takes it to her to be read each and every time. Gran-Gran delights in having Gray come to visit. They are a pair, like two bookends. The beginning and the end of our family.

H is for home. Home is where the heart is. Home is where you are comfortable; where you can take your shoes off. Home is where you want to be when you are tired. Home is where everyone comes when disaster hits. Home is where you find your support in times of trouble, and your joy in times of celebration. While we may leave home, we always know where it is when it is time to return.

I is for ink; J is for journaling. It is my favorite thing to start a fresh new page in a brand new lovely blank journal, and to choose from my pink, green, peacock blue, or purple pens. I write with a different colored ink each time I go to my journal. It separates the days visually, and gives me a feeling of creativity. Lately my journaling by hand has given way to the technology of the day, and the use of which allows me to put all of my random thoughts in one place and keeps track of my word count, the number of days I have written, and gives me a daily goal to reach. My daughters have both given me new journals recently, which has brought back the need to feel my hand moving across the cool clean page and the satisfaction of seeing the words appear where none were before. So, today’s the day to choose a color. What will it be? Hmmm…

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