Thursday, May 19, 2011

L is for Loving Jesus

And L is for ladies' hats.

I vaguely remember the days when a lady wore a hat and gloves and stockings and high heels to church; when a gentleman wore a suit and tie. When you went to church you dressed up. You didn't wear jeans, or flip flops. But now, we still worship God, the same God we worshipped in those days, but we seem to be more familiar with Him. We take liberties. We pat Him on the back and tell Him we'll get around to doing what He asks, but we're busy right now. I don’t think we were doing His will or worshipping Him any better then. It just looks and feels different now. OK, maybe God is thinking, "All right. Now they can listen to Me because their feet aren't aching, or they aren't worried about having to wear the same outfit they had on last week. Now they can hear Me calling to them because they're breathing easier without that tie so tight around their necks."   Maybe.

We each carry God into the church with us.  He is in us and around us, standing beside us, nudging us, leading us to do as He wills.  He isn't thinking about what we're wearing, He's thinking about what we're doing.  He isn't thinking about if we are wearing the latest creations, but if we're loving "the least of these".  He isn't worried about whether our heads are covered with lace or flowers; He's working on what's inside our heads and hearts, planting seeds of expectation and opportunity for each of us to step up and follow Him, no matter how we're dressed.

No matter how we're dressed for church, we need to love one another.  We need to see the opportunities to serve Him that Jesus puts before us and step out in faith that we are "dressed" appropriately for the job, whatever it might be.

So don't worry about what you're wearing.  Come to church on Sunday morning and take the seat next to me.  I want you to see Jesus in me.

"Let your light shine before men, so they may see your good works."  Matthew 5:16


  1. Thanks, Christine. It's good to know someone is enjoying my ravings.