Friday, August 27, 2010

What is nice?

Am I nice?

That depends on your definition of nice.
* Am I pleasant to strangers and kind to people in general? Yes.
* Do I try to keep a smile on my face as much as possible? Yes.
* Do I try to listen carefully to people when they speak to me? Yes.
* Is there more to being nice than these superficial things? I don't know.

If you take being nice to a new level, the next level of action, doing something for someone else that makes them feel good or helps them out, is that "nice" or does that move us on into kind, thoughtful, generous...?

Are all of these things necessary to be truly nice? Or is nice enough?
Is it enough to smile at a stranger in the grocery store, or do I need to let them in line ahead of me? Is it enough to put my own grocery cart back where it belongs, or do I need to take the one someone else left behind as well? Is it enough not to throw my trash out the car window, or do I need to pick up the trash other people have left on the side of the road? Is it enough to say happy birthday, or do I need to send you a card?

Is nice enough, or does it require an action to share the niceness? Is it enough to not bother my neighbor, or do I need to reach out and help my neighbor?

So - what is nice?
Am I nice?
Are you?

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