Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Hidden Garden

This morning I was revisiting some of my old journals, and I came across several pieces I had written while participating in a 'virtual writing camp' with Julie Jordan Scott ( I was surprised at what I had written and decided to share some of it with you here.

A hidden garden
a secret place where the world stands still
and it's acceptable
to think enormous thoughts
too big to handle
in the real world,
or minute thoughts
so small as to be
totally ignored outside
the walls.

A hidden garden
where one can go and be totally alone.
Where worries and responsibilities
cannot encroach.

A hidden garden
where one can
imagine anything
or nothing
as the moment desires.

A hidden garden
for those moments of solitude.
A place to breathe deeply;
a place to sigh aloud;
a place to smile at the ants
and befriend the birds.

A place to unload all your burdens
and fill your soul
with calm and joy
before going home.

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