Thursday, December 5, 2013

10 Things About Me!

Join in the fun for the December Blog-a-thon!
1.  I'm trying to break the chocolate habit and it is S-O-O-O hard!
2.  I grew up in Youngstown, NY, home of Old Fort Niagara.  Our home was at the mouth of the Niagara River.  From our back yard we could look across Lake Ontario and see Toronto's skyline.  That always fascinated me.
3.  I rise at 5:30 a.m. every day so I can have a couple of hours of peace and quiet to journal and keep up with facebook and emails.
4.  I am a Words With Friends addict.
5.  My 97-year-old mother lives with me.  Her health is declining so we are more and more housebound.
6.  I am long-ago-divorced and raised my three children as a single mom.  People ask me how I did it.  I say, "One disaster at a time." 
7.  I retired from teaching four years ago.  Over the span of my career I taught everything from 2nd grade through 10th grade English except 6th and 7th grades.
8.  I have 2 unrevised novels completed.  Maybe 2014 will be the year to re-vision them.
9.  When I retired I downsized from a 3,400 sq. ft. house to a 1,600 sq. ft. house.  It has had its traumatic moments.
10.  I have a 'cowlick' on the crown of my head.  When my hairdresser cuts it too short, I look like a rooster.


  1. hahaha ! a rooster !
    Congrats on being able to live through the disasters and keeping your sense of humor .

  2. Is there such a thing as breaking a chocolate habit? I know it would be impossible for me! lol! And I think you should DEFINITELY revise those novels and get them out into the world!

  3. Love it! Fun read!

  4. I've tried several times to kick the chocolate habit. No success. I love it! Going to try again soon due to health stuff.
    Thanks for visiting my blog

  5. I would rather quit chocolate than wake up at 5:30. Yikes!

  6. That is fascinating isn't it - to be able to look out your window and see another country. Maybe that says something about how arbitrary borders can be. So glad that you conquered the disasters and lived to tell about it!

  7. Former New Yorkers unite! My sister has that same cowlick problem.

  8. Oh my. This: "One disaster at a time." I soooooooooooooooo get that! Love that you are enduring, that we are all getting to meet thru Kickin' It, and do tell more about the novels!! Mysteries? Romance? Hope the coming years gives you space and pace to play more with them < 3