Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Coffee & Cookies & Rain

The rain has been drip drip dripping from the smoky gray sky practically all the day long.  The drops make their way down the trees like marbles in a Mouse Trap game rolling down the branches, falling from one leaf to the next.  You can almost follow their path as the leaves dip down and spring up again while the raindrops make their progression from sky to ground.  There is no wind, no gentle movement side to side, just the constant downpour as though the faucet needs a new washer or the last person didn't turn the handle quite tight enough. Drip drip dripping all the day long, washing the earth, renewing its life, freshening everything it touches.

But days like this invite warmth in the kitchen.  They respond well to the oven heating up for the pan of homemade cookies filled with melting chocolate and crunchy nuts.  Days like this are so much better when the smell of coffee lingers in the air, hot and inviting, waiting to accompany the plate of warm cookies to the table.

Days like this when the rain drips and the cookies bake and the coffee scents the air are good days because we are warm and dry and we know the sun will return - eventually.

So have a cookie and dream of tomorrow.

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  1. You wrote this a while ago but it is exactly what I need today.