Friday, September 3, 2010

The Happy Book

I have decided to follow along with Jamie Ridler's group working through
The Happy Book to gain some creative inspiration. So this week's assignment was to pick a mascot and take him with me everywhere I went.
I chose Piglet. He didn't mind accompanying me and leaving the Hundred Acre Wood and Tiger and Pooh for the day. He thought it would be a wonderful adventure. So here are a few reflections on our day together.

Piglet sat with me while I wrote my 1,000 words on He has a keen eye for gramatical mistakes
and was sure to keep me on the right track.

Then we headed for Charleston (SC) for my mother's appointment with the audiologist.
Piglet wanted to know if he should be thinking of a hearing aid, too.

We stopped for lunch at Ye Old Fashioned Sandwich and Ice Cream shop where we had way too much to eat. Then, of course, we stopped for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts on the way home. Piglet insisted.

Piglet was oh so happy to be home. He enjoyed a few quiet moments among the geraniums before he headed back to the Hundred Acre Wood. It was a fun day.
Now it's time to see what next week will hold.


  1. It looks like Piglet had quite the day.

    ...and donuts, oh my!

  2. What an adorable choice of companion for the week!

  3. this is just too cute!!! i laughed several times at piglet's adventures.