Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Practice and Play

Warm up for Index Card a Day Project 

Write 3 Haiku!

 I was inspired by a few 
'practice' flowers 
drawn in my journal this morning 
and here's what happened:

Warm-up #1 day 2

Working on the Jig Saw Puzzle,
'Warming up' for the Index Card A Day Project
Here's the progress:

At the end of Day 2 it looked like this.

On Day 3 it was finished.
Ready, Set, Done!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Warming Up

It's time to 'warm up' for the

Index Card A Day Project

I'm doing a jigsaw puzzle!

Here's the puzzle:  550 pieces.
First, you have to turn all of the pieces right side up.
Next, you pull out all of the straight-edged pieces 
that make the 'frame' everything else fits in.

Then you start putting together the edges.
It always seems that there are a few that hide,
but they'll show up - "wagging their tails behind them"!

  Here is Day One.
So far, so good.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cercis: Beginning Anew

Spring seems the most appropriate time to begin writing my blog once again. 
This is not the first time I have started over, but who's counting?  So here we go!

Cercis Tree, also known as Redbud
Heart shaped leaves unfurl
with the call of the new moon,
heralding the spring.
Their leaves colored red
stretch out to gather sunlight,
fresh and clean and new.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Day Fourteen: First Sentence

In my mind, my kitchen is filled with crackers and cheese, roast chicken leftovers, farm fresh eggs, and coffee beans ready to grind.  The reality is that I keep my Smith & Wesson in the cookie jar, my Oreos in the microwave, a jar of peanut butter and hamster food in the over-the-counter cupboard, and I have beer and olives in the refrigerator.     
                                                                                                           Fearless Fourteen
                                                                                                      A Stephanie Plum Novel
                                                                                                          by Janet Evanovich

Sorry, I had to cheat and put the first two sentences.  The first one really didn't make much sense without the second one in tow. 
I absolutely love this series of novels.  There is always a smile, a giggle, and even a belly laugh while I'm reading.  They make me happy! 
I have recently finished number 19 in the series, and number 20 came out this past fall.  I am trying to hold off reading that one for a little bit - adding to the anticipation of the read, knowing it's the last for awhile.  

Our first 'place'

Right after we got married,  we were at loose ends for a whole summer!  My husband was headed back to school in the fall and until then we were unemployed and without living arrangements, so rather than live at home with parents we moved into the family 'retreat'.  It was a barely converted barn in the country.  There was a bedroom in the basement and one huge living space at ground level.  It was peaceful and serene and free. 

When we returned from a week of house-sitting we found the skin of a 4-foot black snake on the rug beside the bed.  That was it for me!  We packed up and moved back home for the rest of the summer that very day.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Catchin' Up with Kickin' It Old Skool December Blog Challenge

Things around home have been a little crazy of late, and I have fallen behind on my posts.  So I am trying to get a little caught up today.

Day 10:  Show and Tell!  Here's my latest cross stitching project.  It's done on 14 stitches to an inch because it's getting too hard to do the itsy bitsy stitches that 22 stitches to an inch require!  I used to do those without thinking a thing about it.  Oh well...  This piece is intended as a 'birth announcement' for my latest grandchild, Sullivan.  His parents used a nautical theme in the nursery, so I thought this would be perfect.  I was hoping to have it finished by Thanksgiving.  As you can see, I didn't make that deadline. 
Day 11:  Weepy Wednesday - sorry I'm passing on that one...
Day 12:  10 Things I Know for Sure:
1.  God is love and peace and forgiveness and joy!
2.  The hustle and bustle of Christmas preparations and celebrations will come and go. 
And when everything is packed up again,
I need to have a purposeful plan for my days
or the darkness of winter takes over my life.
3.  It's a blessing to be able to pay all the bills
and have money left at the end of the month.
4.  I am fortunate to have children who have grown up
to be adults I love to spend time with.
5.  As much as my mother frustrates me now, I know I will be devastated
when she passes away and my life changes again forever.
6.  The notes I write to people on the prayer list are appreciated.
7.  It's time to start paying better attention to my own health.
8.  Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. 
 No matter what our plans, everything can change in an instant.
9.  Random acts of kindness can make all the difference
to both the giver and the recipient.
10.  A positive attitude is a choice we make,
moment to moment, day after day.